5 Benefits of Buying New Machinery

Are you thinking of adding to your inventory of machinery?

Many people assume it’s better to go with used machinery because it’s cheaper, but does cheaper really mean better?

Used machinery isn’t always the right way to go, even if you assume that to be the case. From the risk of breakdown to the depreciation of your new machine, to expensive repairs that actually leave you more out of pocket than if you’d bought new machinery, there are many variables to consider.

From buying a new wood chipper to a stump grinder, there is value in going with a new machine.

Here are some of the most important reasons for buying new equipment compared to older alternatives.

1) Stay in Line With New Innovations

Technology continues to improve and new equipment offers the most advanced technology to help increase your bottom line as a business.

This is something to keep in mind when it is time to go with a new machine. While older variations may cost less, are they as efficient as the newest model?

If there is a noticeable difference in features based on new advancements then a newer machine may be the right way to go.

What feels like money saved up front on used machinery can quickly become money lost when your productivity takes a hit.

2) Improved Efficiency

Brand-new equipment can be good when it is time to increase your overall efficiency. A new machine is going to be ready to go from the moment you purchase it and will offer an easier path towards managing difficult projects with shorter deadlines.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your machine is going to work like a charm is priceless.

And when you work in a competitive industry the ability to work to deadlines can be the difference between keeping work and maintaining contracts, and losing them.

3) Save Time

Newer equipment isn’t going to require regular maintenance checks because it will be raring to go from day one.

This means it can be put through various stresses without breaking down and requiring less service for its parts. This allows you to focus on the actual project rather than the machine.

This again falls into the category of targeting short term gains without seeing the long-term risks.

While used machinery may be appealing due to its cost. Can you guarantee it won’t break down and require costly repairs after you purchase it?

You can end up spending thousands over what you expected trying to source replacements for an outdated machine that looked like a bargain, but quickly becomes a budget blowout.

4) Less Safety Concerns

Newer equipment goes through rigorous safety testing and that is important for many businesses.

The safety of machinery operators and on-site workers is always paramount. For this reason you want something that is going to be easy to sustain and will not become a safety risk for your team.

This alone is one of the reasons so many businesses go down the path of new machinery while looking for equipment.

There really is no price you can put on workplace safety, and up-to-date machines are designed with the most advanced safety features possible to give you that lasting peace of mind.

5) Higher Resale Value

New equipment is going to age and that’s a part of life. However, it can also bring back a good amount of money through resale.

According to the short term business team at Max Funding, this is something used equipment is unlikely to do. They explain “by the time you are done with your equipment you may still be able to recoup a considerable per cent of your initial investment. As long as you maintain new equipment well, it is going to age nicely while offering tremendous resale potential. This can allow businesses to access credit that goes into their growth, then is recovered with quick sales on the same equipment”

In the end, it’s all about knowing what you need as a business. You have to go with something that will work with your requirements and is going to suit your budget. This is when you’ll make a good decision.

Looking to invest in used machinery? Here’s why used machinery might work for you too

#1 – The Cost

As long as the used machine works well and has been inspected professionally, it can be just as good as a newer model.

Being able to save quite a bit of money through used machines might benefit your business, particularly if the machine is not relied on as the source of your productivity..

#2 – The Sustainability

New machines require new resources. Buying used machinery can help you make sustainable choices.

#3 – The Flexibility

Just like buying a used car, used machinery means getting access to a range of equipment on your terms. When you’re not tied down by price, your options open up.

According to the large-scale commercial cleaners from Driveway Doctor, “used machines will have already gone through consistent use and that means you are buying the equipment at a bargain. This is how you can start to look for good prices while getting a machine that does a good job.”

#4 – The Availability

Used equipment is typically easier to purchase because it’s readily available.

Nothing has to be manufactured and this keeps things simple for those working towards a set deadline.

Cessnock Tankworks, who routinely use heavy machinery, recommend thinking long and hard about the choice between used and new machinery, with the latter often taking longer to purchase. They say, “new machines take a long time to deliver and that waiting period is something most people don’t want to deal with. In fact, when you factor in the potential loss of earnings from having to wait to action your plans, you may even end up losing money in the long run.”

It can sometimes take up to half a year just to get your hands on a new machine. It is better to go with something that will be ready to go within a few weeks at most.

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