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Global Machinery Sales are the authorised dealer for the Morbark brand in Victoria (VIC) and New South Wales (NSW), making us one of the biggest dealers of commercial wood chippers in Australia. The Morbark wood chippers we stock range from 8 inch to 20 inch in diametre and are powered by CAT or Cummins engines in 97 HP to 400 HP. Morbark chippers are strong – they chip strong, grind strong and work strong. Scroll down the page to see our range of Morbark chippers below and don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 072 926 for any questions you may have. 

Morbark builds commercial grade wood chippers that create opportunities for customers serving the forestry, recycling, sawmill, biomass, landscaping/irrigation, rental and tree care markets. Morbark equipment helps customers harvest, process and convert organic materials into valuable, usable and environmentally sound products. With nearly 60 years of ideas, invention and phenomenal growth, Morbark is recognised as a world-class manufacturing company with world-wide markets, and a reputation for designing and building robust, rugged and reliable heavy equipment.

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Wood Chippers

Beever 1215 Diesel

Morbark M12RX Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper • 12” Capacity • 97 hp CAT Diesel • Throat Opening 12” H x 15” W • 18″ Diametre Single Top Feed Wheel

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Beever 1415 Diesel

Morbark M12R Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper • 14” Capacity • 114 hp CAT Diesel Engine • Throat Opening 14” H x 15” W

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Beever 1415 Track

Morbark M12R Track Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper • 14” Capacity • Track Undercarriage • 114 hp CAT Diesel Engine • Throat Opening 14” H x 15” W

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1621X Diesel

Morbark 1621X Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper • 16” Capacity • 142 HP CAT Diesel Engine • Throat Opening 16” H x 20.5” W

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Beever 1821 Diesel

Morbark M15R Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper • 18” Capacity • 170 HP Cummins Diesel • Throat Opening 18” H x 20.5” W • Variable Force™ Hydraulic Down Pressure System

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Beever 2021 Diesel

Morbark M18R Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper • 20” Capacity • Single Axle • 215 HP CAT Diesel Engine

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Beever 2021 Diesel

Morbark M18R Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper • 20” Capacity • Tandem Axle • 250 HP CAT Diesel Engine

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Beever 2230 Diesel

Morbark M20R Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper • 22” Capacity • 365 HP Cummins Diesel Engine • Throat Opening 22” H x 30” W

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2230 Forestry

Morbark M20R Wood Chipper

Forestry Chipper • 22” Capacity • 325–400 HP CAT Diesel Engine • Throat Opening 20” H x 28” W

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Horizontal Grinders

2400X Wood Hog

Morbark 2400x

188HP •  48.3 x 134.6 cm infeed  • 352 liters fuel capacity

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About us

Global Machinery Sales supplies the Arbor, Forestry, Access and Farming Industries with quality Wood Chippers, Stump Grinders, Forestry Mowers, Horizontal Grinders, Log Splitters, Spider Lifts, Mini Loaders and Recycling Equipment from leading brands such as Morbark, Rayco, CMC, Timberwolf and Angry Ant.

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